Camping Equipment

How to Safely Store Your Camping Gear

Taking a camping trip can be the highlight of any working week – especially if it’s to be accompanied with friends and family members. As enjoyable as these events can be, things can soon take a turn for the worse if campers are forced to come face to face with wild animals; or if their supplies are raided by hungry critters.

When camping it’s important to be able to separate food, and that camping gear is stored in a way that will make it difficult for wildlife to reach; without reducing access for the campers themselves.

Here are a few tips to help!

Cable ties can be a man’s best friend

Thanks to their ease of installation and durability, cable ties are a great way to seal packs, fasten them to trees, or even hang them at a certain height. This can be especially beneficial if you live in an area with dangerous mammals, such as bears, wild dogs, or other types of ground-dwelling creatures. Just be sure to properly remove and dispose of all cable ties as the plastic won’t decompose and can take its toll on the natural environment.

Consider sealable bags

Food bags (sometimes referred to as sandwich bags) aren’t just great at keeping ingredients fresh; they are also air tight and won’t emit a scent that can attract indigenous creatures. The main benefit is that these types of bags can be stored within a separate bag on ground level; as long as everything is sufficiently concealed, the risk of animal-interaction will be fairly minimal. As with the cable ties, be sure to pick up all waste including empty packs and wrappers.

Clearly mark all food items

It’s easy to stick food and ingredients into bags and hope that they will be identifiable once you get to your camping spot; but in reality this can lead to food spoiling and wastage in equal measure. Meats and vegetables in particular will need to be labelled so that you can store them appropriately within cooling compartments. Dry snacks and savoury products on the other hand can simply be placed in a bag and accessed whenever they are needed – just be sure that everything is sealed tight to avoid the food from going stale.